The Oakland Art Assciation
Juried Art Shows Image Archive

2018 Juried Art Shows:

December 2018 Chamber Show
November 2018 Shjow at the Law Library
September 2018 Chamber Show
Sept 2018 Oakland City Hall Show
Aug 2018 Orinda Library Show
July 2018 Abstract Show
June 2018 Chamber Show
April 2018 Photography Shjow at the Law Library
March 2018 Chamber Show
March 2018 John Muir Hospital Show
January 2018 Rockridge Library Show
2019 Juried Art Shows:

December Orinda Library Show
November 2019 Law Library Show
Sept 2019 Oakland City Hall Show
September 2019 Law Library Show
September 2019 First Federal Savings Show
July 2019 Abstract Show
May 2019 Rockridge Library Show
April 2019 Law Library Show
March 2019 Photography Show at the Law Library
March 2019 John Muir Hospital Show

2020 Juried Art Shows:

December OnLine Show #5
October OAA/Chalk it Up Painting Show
September Smartphone A Day in 2020
August 2020 Online Show #2
June 2020 Online Show #1
March 2020 John Muir Hospital Show
February 2020 Alameda Admin Show
January 2020 Law Library Show

2021 Juried Art Shows:

November 2021 Law Library Show
October Fall Colors Show Show
September 2021 Law Library Show
August 2021 First Federal Bank Show
August 2021 Summertime Show
July 2021 Red, White and Blue Show
June 2021 First Federal Bank Show
June 2021 Breaking Out Show
May 2021 Light in these Times Show
April 2021 Art of Resilience Show
February 2021 B&W Show
January 2021 Abstract Show